Coaching and Consulting Services

I provide consulting services to individuals and teams on rowing performance, rowing technique and teambuilding. My teambuilding services are available not only to athletes but also to professionals and companies. My sessions can be done in person or remotely. I am available to travel to client locations as required. My home base is in Princeton NJ, but I am often traveling to Phoenix Arizona, San Francisco, and San Diego.

I have trained and competed at the high school, collegiate and elite levels and understand the different stressors and variables at all of these levels. Whether you are a high school student trying to row in college, a college student trying to row at the elite level or even a masters rower trying to get the most out of yourself, I can work with you on technique and mindset to overcome performance blocks.

Teambuilding is applicable to athletes and professionals looking to enhance the synergy of their group. By taking a deeper look at an individual’s attributes and challenges as they relate to the goals of the team we are able to dissect reasons for dissonance and get everyone focused on the same path.

In all of my work there is a strong emphasis on mindfulness and exploring how meditation and introspection can alleviate stress and assist in these goals.

I have been active at the elite level of rowing since 2001, training with and being a member of the US National team. This career in rowing has not only given me a well-rounded view on technique and performance but it has also expanded my rowing network. Through this network I have been exposed to different coaching styles, ideas, and theories on rowing success. My time in small boats, specifically pairs, has taught me the intricacies of teamwork and effective communication.

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“Caroline has been with me since the start of my National Team career, in 2006. Throughout my athletic career I have always learned the most from my teammates, and Caroline is an incredible example of that. She has outstanding boat feel and knows what it takes to develop boat speed, but more importantly, she communicates to the crew in a simple yet positive and motivating way. Her presence in the boat is never overbearing, she acts more like the base of the pyramid, which we all depend on to stand strong. Caroline has helped me grow as an athlete, and as a teammate. She has and will continue to be an integral part of my success – she helps me develop boat feel when we are on the water together, and she has taught me how to be a more positive and effective communicator. I highly recommend Caroline to any athlete who is searching for an organic approach to improvement.”

-Kaitlin Snyder – 3 Time World Champion

“Caroline is truly one of a kind – her passion for rowing is infectious and her knowledge of how to move the boat is unmatched. She is the best teammate you could ask for. Caroline is an incredible teacher, mentor and friend – I feel very lucky to have rowed with her for as long as I did.”

-Taylor Ritzel Olympic Gold Medalist London

“I have been teammates with Caroline on the US National Rowing team since 2008 and every time we line up at the starting line together I feel a sense of confidence and courage knowing Caroline is in the boat. She is a fearless athlete and has an innate ability to focus only on the things that matter which inevitably leads to her success. This is what makes her such a strong leader on and off the water.”

-Eleanor Logan 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Beijing and London



Caroline Lind Rowing Canoe