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Welcome To Lind Consulting

I started rowing in 2000, rowed collegiately and have been on the national team since 2005.  Over the years I have been coached by some of the best coaches in the country and have experienced a variety of different team dynamics.  Now I want to share my experience and knowledge with others.  I provide consulting not only on rowing technique and performance but also on team building.  The intricacies of team dynamics and team building are helpful to athletes and professionals in any field.  By optimizing your ability to communicate and interact with others you maximize your potential and your business.  My mission is to help people be their best self in sports, business and life.


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  • Injuries and Back Surgery

    Injuries and Back Surgery

    I have been trying hard to think about a topic other than injury for my first post but I simply cannot. My mind is pretty consumed with my injury, and my imminent surgery. For nearly my entire rowing career I have been dealing with back issues, as most rowers do. It started in college in Read More »
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